What We Do

 Sustainable solutions that make our world more livable

We develop and commercialise solutions for mining and other energy intensive industries. We focus on products and solutions with the potential to make a difference in carbon intensity, water use and other sustainability factors. We believe we can have an impact by applying our experience and expertise in industries we know and by leveraging our capabilities through ongoing exploration and learning.


Responsibility and efficiency are two words that define not only who we are, but also the value each of our products bring to our customers. We are driven to provide sustainable and reliable cost savings to our clients while still upholding our commitment to environmentally friendly technology.

With innovative solutions to the challenges facing the mining industry today, Exovar helps make the work our customers do more efficient and productive.  We are driven to do things better, continue creating the superior products that you need, all while providing exceptional customer service and care. Evoxar’s mission is contributing to sustainability through offering reliable green cost saving solutions to energy intensive industries that: Customers recommend to their peers; Stakeholders praise businesses for; Investors like for stronger returns; Employees are proud of.


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