GERnano, a German nano-technology: Effective, reliable, safe – simply applied to lubricants

GERnano delivers productivity gains by piggybacking on existing processes and no additional capital expense. And better yet, it reduces the need for hazardous maintenance tasks and improves sustainability of your operations.

GERnano reduces your operating and capital costs in a number of ways: Fuel efficiency of your equipment is improved; less planned and unplanned maintenance is required; lubricant life is increased significantly; and oil consumption is lowered. These aspects lead to higher availability of your equipment and increased productivity. Asset life is increased via lower wear and failure.

GERnano is a safe nano-technology; it consists of non-hazardous components and is packaged and handled as a liquid dispersion in base oil, which is in everyday use in equiment maintenance. As it reduces maintenance tasks it also eliminates a number of exposures to maintenance hazards and associated safety risks.

Our solution supports coorporate sustainability commitments and reporting. Improved fuel efficiency allows you to cut greenhouse gas emissions and oil waste is reduced. We contribute to a healthy workplace, especially underground, as toxic diesel emission are reduced dramatically, including carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and diesel particulate matter (DPM).


 Wherever lubrication is involved – simply use GERnano

GERnano can be applied in all lubricated equipment. It helps dealing with equipment that has repeated failures related to lubricants, reduces wear & tear of expensive parts and delivers operational cost savings. With the broad range of possible applications, benefits verification and product implementation can be strategically planned the way that suits you best.


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